Lloyds Register Training offers the most advanced and innovative method of education and training for the surface treatment and coatings industry.

The training programme has been developed with industry experts to provide a comprehensive package of modules that are available to ensure the user gains an insight into basic corrosion, methods of surface treatment and application of protective coatings.

Important Information:

We have completed moving all users over to our new site.

The new site has MUCH MORE TRAINING MATERIAL and some of the units have been moved into the Inspection and Engineering Section. Therefore your overall 'progress' may look different, but every single unit that you have completed on the old system will be marked as completed on this one.

What do you get?

  • 24-7 access to some of the best corrosion control training materials in the world
  • 227 training units with 6825 instructional slides in total
    • Protective Coatings Application – 112 Training Units
    • Abrasive Blast Cleaning – 25 Training Units
    • Spray Painting – 15 Training Units
    • Inspection and Engineering – 75 Training Units
  • Slides contain Videos, Animations, Diagrams, Photographs and Voice-over
  • Every unit has printable documentation and training notes
  • Video Guides, Tools, Calculations and Conversions
  • Online assessments and user tracking backed up by practical assessments and examinations
  • Approved and endorsed by various professional organisations worldwide

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We would like to thank Blast One for the use of various images and illustrations in our training program

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